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Photo by Pam Miller

Vicki Rose

Vicki Rose, a Taos, NM resident enjoyed a 25 year career as a special education and elementary school teacher in Clayton, Missouri. She was born in Madison, Indiana and raised in Springfield, Missouri. Her 25 year old son, Brandon, also resides in Taos. Since relocating to Taos, Vicki has been pursuing her dream of giving time, energy, and joy to her creativity through art.

While teaching, she was in contact with children of many diverse cultures; the blending of these cultures is evident in the Spirit Shamans. Vicki first began exploring, studying, and observing creativity in her students, as she was invested in finding new and inventive ways to engage and reach children. She was able to do so by incorporating art as a way for her students to share their creativity, opening the door to authentic learning. She also observed the freedom of expression that her students displayed, and it was this that inspired her to pursue her own creative outlet.

Vicki has always had a love for playing and creating, and the Spirit Shamans provide an outlet for this expression. Each Spirit Shaman receives creativity, joy, love of nature, and heart essence, resulting in a unique and one of a kind creation.

"While teaching, I learned that there is immeasurable creativity waiting to be tapped, encouraged, and nurtured within each of us. May you be inspired to notice nature's beauty in all its forms, as you wander through life's journey. My thanks to the many teachers, both young and old, who have encouraged and assisted me in bringing my spirit as an artist to life."

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